Historical Overview

In October 1976, a three-day meeting devoted to numerical analysis was held at the EPFL in Lausanne. The organizers, J. Descloux and J. Marti, suggested that similar reunions of Swiss numerical analysts should take place at a regular basis. In an informal discussion at the Rutishauser Symposion in October 1980, organized by W. Gander, P. Henrici and J. Marti at the ETH Zürich, it was considered suitable to restrict the event to one day. As of 1981, annual meetings took place except for the years 1996, 1998, and 2000-2004, under the name “Journée Suisse d’Analyse Numérique / Schweizer Tagung über Numerische Mathematik”. The colloquium tradition has been revived in 2005 by Profs. M. Chipot and S. Sauter from Universität Zürich with the “Schweizer Numerik Kolloquium / Colloque Numérique Suisse”.

The list of venues of the Colloquium follows.

Year Date Hosting institution Host/organizer
1976 Oct 11-13 EPF Lausanne J. Descloux, J. Marti
1980 Oct 15-17 ETH Zürich W. Gander, P. Henrici, J. Marti
1981 May 8 EPF Lausanne J. Descloux
1982 May 7 ETH Zürich J. Marti
1983 May 13 Université de Fribourg H. Brunner
1984 May 25 Université de Neuchâtel P. Banderet
1985 Mar 29 HTL Buchs SG W. Gander
1986 Mar 7 Université de Genève B. Gisin, G. Sottas,G. Wanner
1987 Apr 10 Ecole Technique d’Informatique Sierre VS J-M. Blanc, R. Roubaty, M.A. Berclaz
1988 Apr 15 ABB Baden-Dättwil H. Niessner, W.J. Wiesman, J. Bernasconi
1989 Apr 14 Universität Zürich H.R. Schwarz
1990 Apr 20 PSI Villigen St. Adam, E. Gujer
1991 May 14 EPF Lausanne J. Rappaz, M. Romerio
1992 Apr 16 ETH Zürich J. Marti
1993 Apr 1 Université de Fribourg J-P. Berrut
1994 Apr 15 ABB Baden-Dättwil H. Niessner, W.J. Wiesman, W. Egli
1995 Apr 7 Université de Neuchâtel O. Besson
1997 Mar 5 Université de Genève G. Wanner, E. Hairer
1999 Oct 12 HTL Fribourg J-M. Blanc
2005 Mar 24 Universität Zürich St. Sauter, M. Chipot
2006 Apr 12 EPF Lausanne J. Rappaz, A. Janka
2007 Apr 4 Université de Genève M. Gander, E. Hairer, K. Santugini
2008 Apr 25 Université de Fribourg J-P. Berrut, A. Janka
2009 Apr 24 Universität Basel D. Cohen, M. Grote, O. Schenk
2010 Apr 16 ETH Zürich R. Hiptmair, R. Jeltsch, Ch. Schwab
2011 May 6 USI Lugano R. Krause, I. Horenko
2012 Apr 13 Universität Bern T. Wihler
2013 Apr 5 EPF Lausanne A. Abdulle, S. Deparis, D. Kressner, F. Nobile, M. Picasso, A. Quarteroni
2014 Apr 25 Universität Zürich St. Sauter, M. Chipot
2015 Apr 17 Université de Genève M. J. Gander, B. Vandereycken, G. Vilmart
2016 Apr 22 Université de Fribourg and
Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture Fribourg
J-P. Berrut, R. Baltensperger, A. Janka
2017 Apr 28 Universität Basel M. Grote, H. Harbrecht

If you have any additional information concerning this overview, please let us know by email to colloqnum17@unibas.ch.